Texas Legacy is an epic saga spanning three books that touch the spirit of American adventure in colonial Texas as it follows two ambitious young men -- one white and one black -- the women they love and the families they raise.  Jeff and Will face the difficulties of a raw frontier, deal with the issues of slavery and freedom and building new lives, homes and dreams along with their new country.  The exciting but turbulent times result in Will and Jeff fighting to save their families and everything they've worked for on two fronts -- a war with Mexico for Texas' independence, a war with the Comanches for survival and ultimately, a war that divides neighbors and the entire country. 

Read an Excerpt from Trail of Hope 

Dan's Books

Read an Excerpt from Legacy of Dreams (Book 1) 

Legacy of Dreams

Trail of Hope

The Littlest Hero 

The Littlest Hero

Read an excerpt from The Littlest Hero

"The Littlest Hero" is not the grandiose story of nation building. It is the uplifting story of a young man -- a little man in physical stature, but with a big heart who wants to earn respect and discover his destiny. Stub Lebeaux, a young dwarf, leaves his home and somewhat unconventional family, and soon learns what life, loyalty, courage under fire and the misery of war is all about. Follow the adventures of this exceptional young man as he earns respect and finds his destiny in frontier Texas during the revolutionary war for independence. Meet Stub LeBeaux, a man of small stature who was big enough to rub shoulders with the giants of Texas history.

Book One

Max Malone is an average fourteen-year-old kid doing what kids his age do. He goes to school, hangs out with his friends, rides his bike and skate board, and takes care of his chores at home. Just kinda everyday stuff, right? Oh yeah, he’s also a shape shifting, body jumping, teen-aged time traveler. Whoa! He sure wasn’t expecting that. It all started when he got an assignment in school to write a Texas history report. His research at the school library led him to a magical book, a strange librarian, and the most extraordinary and exciting adventures that took him way beyond anything his imagination could ever deliver. Join Max as he discovers the powers he never knew he possessed when he becomes an apprentice to the old man he met at the library. His new mentor opens the world of time travel for Max, allowing him to visit and become a part of history making events as they happen in early Texas.

Happy Sounds

Happy Sounds: A Collection of Humorous Short Stories and Captivating Poetry


Short Story titles include:  Little Old Ladies and Larceny -- Old Gus -- The Great Chicken Caper -- Christmas Surprise -- Another Job With Bubba -- Going Camping With Bubba -- Working At the Ballpark -- When the Work is Over -- Standing Beside a Hero -- The Ballet

 Poetry titles include:  Nostalgia -- Nostalgia II -- These Old Shoes - Who Is That Guy? -- Happy Sounds --  I Saw the Boys Come Home -- Riches Money Can’t Buy --  The Charming Bells -- The Last Dance -- The Vote -- To Dad --  It’s What You Do For Others --  Grandpa, Was That You? --  Reflections

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